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Teaming up with TCHO Chocolate

We’re teaming up with one of TCHO ‘s chocolate makers for a chocolate infused dinner at a converted firehouse! Get tickets now to save $10.



First Course
Cocoa Power Prawns with Garlic,
Creamed Corn and Epazote

Second Course
Green Gazpacho with Cocoa Nib Croutons

Main Course
Cocoa Butter Confit and Roasted Duck
with Black Oaxaca Mole and Banana Leaf Rice

Dessert Course
Mexican Chocolate Tres Leches with
Espresso Mousse and Cocoa Nib Sable

About our partner Shiao Sheng-Williams:

TCHO Chocolate Maker Shiao Sheng Williams

Shiao is obsessed with combining flavors and discovering new ones. Previous chocolate street cred includes a lifetime of working in restaurants, graduating from the Art Institute of California in Culinary Arts, and whipping up delicious dishes as a pastry chef extraordinaire. She takes great delight in creating bars with ridiculous ingredients (wasabi coconut, anyone?), has a secret love affair with condiments, and is a complete farmer’s market junkie.