Past Events

2.28.10 100% Organic in W. Oakland [Pressed – OaklandLocal | Blogged – Bon Vivant | Blogged – Appeale | Photos – Bonocore ]
1.31.10: Extreme Dining [Photos | Pressed ]
12.13.09: Oliver Ranch Beef Tasting [Photos]
11.08.09: Soul Food Farm Benefit [Video |Photos]
9.13.09: BACH Benefit Dinner by the Lake [Photos]
4.25.09: Twin Peaks Dinner [Photos]
4.10.09: Depression Dinner: Eat like it’s 1935. [Video | Photos]
3.27.09: Iron Chef Lemon Chef Cyn vs. Peter [Photos]
11.16.08: Gypsy Dinner [Photos]
7.19.08: Spanish Table + Andrew Lane Wines [Photos]
5.4.08: Spring Dinner [Photos]
3.28.08: French in the Mission [Photos]
3.16.08: Omnivore’s Table [Photos]
1.20.08: Fiesta in Oakland [Photos]
11.19.07: Thanksgiving [Photos]
10.28.07: Harvest Dinner with author, Joe Quirk [Photos]
4.29.07: Supper in the Bedroom [Photos]
4.28.07: Casablanca in Nob Hill [Photos]
4.22.07: New Orleans [Photos]
4.20.07 : Spa-dee-dah [Photos]
3.25.07:  Farmer’s Market Dinner [Photos]
2.24.07: Literary Dinner with author, Kemble Scot [Photos]


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