We are all about our community — from the food producers and the kitchen crew busting their tails behind-the-scenes, to our talented artists and diners like you! Want to get involved? Here’s how:

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Follow us on Twitter @canvasundergrnd

Follow us on Twitter @canvasundergrnd

The People Behind the Scenes

Calling all you chefs, artisan food producers, farmers, artists and musicians — we welcome collaboration. We were born out of the need to create outside the box. We are buildersbuilding a sense of community and strengthening a deep appreciation for good food, art and conversation. Please email vera at veradevera dot com with your idea or complete this form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Got a Cool Space? Wanna Host?

We’ve done dinners in bedrooms, parking lots and art galleries. What’s next? Our venue hosts enjoy not only a free meal but bragging rights! EXAMPLE: This photo of a parking lot dinner has been published in a coffee table book, the Atlantic Monthly, Marie Claire Italy and more. Unorthodox locales are welcome. Hot tubs, backyards, condos, cozy bungalows, sprawling mansions. Just email vera at veradevera dot com.

crEATe by Future Lab UK featuring Parking Lot Dinner


10 responses to “Join

  1. Thinking about how pretty our place looked 2? summers ago w/ lights hanging from the trees etc. Now have new lawn (w/ patio inset) and battling raccoons for it’s survival. Thanks to 100′ of chicken wire and a million stakes it’s not being ripped up every night and is taking root. Should be perfect for next spring/summer – let’s have a backyard soiree again!

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  3. Have you thought about using peoples homes or backyards for an event? I might be interested in providing my home and space. alexandra

  4. Jeanne Roberts

    Are there any plans to come to the South Bay? We are in San Jose and I would be delighted to volunteer any time. Depending on how quickly the remodel goes, our home may be available in a few months as a dining location.

  5. hi, I sent in an offer to work in the kitchen and never heard back. I hope to hear form you folks! thanks, Bill

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  8. Hello,
    I met Peter at Adagia months ago (I am the interior designer for the Bancroft Hotel… hoping he will remember meeting me with Eddie Blyden.) I lost his card and finally found it but tried to get in touch today but the email bounced back to me. Would you kindly let him know that I am trying to reach him about a potential feature in the March issue of Standard magazine.

    Kelly LaPlante
    Editorial Director

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