Canvas Dinner @ House Kombucha

House Kombucha - Vera Devera (c) 2011

House Kombucha - Vera Devera (c) 2011

From the SF Weekly:

The rundown: At the intersection of live cultures and cultural experience, the earnest apostles at House Kombucha are teaming up with the arty foodsters of Oakland’s Canvas Underground for a dinner you never you knew you wanted. With eyebrow-raisers like kombucha bacon with green tea soba noodles; tomatillo and avocado soup with white tea/orange blossom kombucha; and scallop crudo with beet tartare and a kombucha-serrano chile mignonette, this event begs the question: Are you ready to trip the light kombucha?

Our diners were treated to a tour of the brewing facility at House Kombucha and sampled plenty throughout the night. We want to give a special shout out to House Kombucha founder, Rana Chang; Sky, her kick-ass jill-of-all-trades intern (and super volunteer server); and master brewers, Walter and Ben, for having us cook dinner with their delicious kombucha. The sun blossom kombucha is amazing and Vera must’ve drank nearly a gallon by herself (and felt a bit of a buzz — of bliss, perhaps?).

Check out more photos here >>

and some from diner, Laura:

Chocolate Budino - Canvas Underground

Chocolate budino prepared by Chef Peter Jackson

House Kombucha brined bacon

House Kombucha brined bacon by Chef Peter Jackson


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