The Bees’ Knees: Locavore-Wine Dinners

Canvas is excited to join forces with the Beehive Market. Together, we are hosting a series of wine-pairing locavore dinners, with ingredients sourced from the Beehive, like Soul Food Farm Chicken and Rio de Parras produce.

Here are upcoming events:


We hosted a fabulous dinner on the docks at Aloha Seafood last Saturday, September 18.  Thirty-five adventurous foodies braved the trek out to Pier 45 and were the envy of tourists en route to Alcatraz by boat. As the sun set, everyone braved the fog and feasted on Crispy Scallop Hash, Day Boat Scallops, Back Yard Gravenstein Apples, Avocado, “Sea Foam;” Spicy Gazpacho, Wild Caught Texas White Prawns, Crème Fraiche “Ice Cream;” Local Albacore Tuna “Confit”, White Corn, Fresh Legumes, Lobster Mushrooms, Wild Arugula and Chocolate Miso Cake with Sour Peaches, Ginger Caramel Sauce.

Mitch Gronner, co-owner of Aloha, gave our lucky guests a tour and an insider’s view on Aloha’s elite list of clients, including French Laundry, Bouchon and Ad Hoc. Singer-songwriter, Adriana Marcela, entertained guests with witty songs like “Scooby Doo.”

Canvas Aloha Dinner 9/18/10 - Pier 45

Aloha Seafood's Top Clients

Canvas' Tuna Confit over Black Eyed Peas

The talented Adriana Marcela


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