Canvas Debuts in the South Bay

San Jose opened Canvas with open arms and we’re still feeling warm and fuzzy from a fantastic dinner outdoors in a San Jose neighborhood near San Jose State University. Some came as far as Morgan Hill and Oakland for this refreshing and ultra-chill event. Our lovely hostess, Elyse, was thrilled to be able to throw a dinner party without lifting a finger (Guitar Fred even vacuumed for her!).

Wine flowed, conversation was a constant and it seemed like many new connections were made by the end of the night. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words…

Canvas Underground 6/26/10 Menu

Before guests arrive

When the sun went down...

Elyse, R, our lovely hostess

Green Gazpacho was a hit!

Godfrey Farms Chicken with Cherry Tomato Confit

Good times


2 responses to “Canvas Debuts in the South Bay

  1. Looks like a success! But…will there be another one??!

  2. Yes, there’ll be another one as long as we have a willing host!

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