Going old school

Canvas Underground newbiesCanvas Undergound dined O.G.G. (Old Ghetto Gourmet) on Saturday night in a gorgeous loft in Emeryville.  Fifty-one dinner guests sat on pillows and ate family-style off of closet doors with sawed off legs.

Canvas can’t throw these events without adventurous foodies like you and our fellow food artisans, volunteers and more. Shout outs especially go out to our venue host, Susa Hart for letting us bring a bunch of strangers into her living room, the Cultured Pickle Shop (Alex, Kevin, Seamus), Wing Walker*s Bakery (Stefanie and Todd Smithereum), Vagabondage, Chef Paul Galviano cooking with Chef Peter Jackson, and the Canvas crew (Kristy R., Marie M., Dave Kim, Fred B., and Sydney).

Photos of the event were taken by Brittany Piehl (see full set here), and if you loved her recipe for red velvet whoopie pies, check it out on her blog, Appeale. If you took photos or video at our event, please share them on by posting photos you took at dinner to our Flickr group.

We always need volunteers — not only in the kitchen, but also talent and venue hosts, so please don’t hesitate to contact us or send your friends our way.

Again, Canvas is thrilled to partner with the Oakland Underground Film Festival for the screening of “Fresh.” Please stayed tuned for details!

Hold onto your forks ’til next time! Save the date for an underground dining collective event on May 26 and the Oakland Underground Film Festival on June 26.

Blogged| Appeale: 04.18.10

Cultured Pickle Shop


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