East Bay Dishcrawl on April 18

Since our inception, we’ve been bringing online social networking to life offline when we throw our underground dinner parties. When Battledish approached us to partner with them on an East Bay Dishcrawl, we were ecstatic! We’re combining our adventurous ways and bringing a handful of foodies to four dining spots in Oakland on Sunday, April 18.

Tickets are limited and available here http://bit.ly/dyWHQV

The dishcrawl offers even those well familiar with the East Bay a chance to have their palates seduced by hidden gems along a familiar trail. Even the most experienced palate will be challenged with this tantalizing adventure through some of the city’s most unique restaurants.

But the dishcrawl experience is about more than just the spectacular food. It’s the opportunity to get offline and mix, mingle and connect in meaningful ways around the culture of food.

Only a limited few may join in this exclusive East Bay dishcrawl experience. The locations are hush-hush, but tickets are available at http://bit.ly/dyWHQV.


2 responses to “East Bay Dishcrawl on April 18

  1. love it! 🙂 can’t wait!

  2. dang i never got this via e-mail and missed the sign-up. why, canvas underground, why???

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