1.31.10 Our “15 Minutes”

Just got home from tonight’s Canvas Underground dinner in San Francisco. Completely exhausted but ecstatic how it all wonderfully it went thanks to all the super awesome people that helped bring it together: the venue’s owners, the crew (Kristy, Dave, Juaquin, Sarah), Guitar Fred, the Alegre Sisters, Shakirah of Slow Jams, Kerri and her film crew and tv host, Tyler, and of course, the dinner guests! Turns out the show will air on the Fine Living Network on April 10, so we’ll definitely have a viewing party!

Here are some love notes from some of tonight’s guests and some videos from the night (more details to come):

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Who knew all this would be so easy? Such a great group. – K & B (venue hosts, January 2010)

This was one of the very best dinners of my entire life. What an exciting night! – GLW

Thank you sooooo much. Chef Peter outdoes himself yet again! – DC

1.31.10 Canvas Underground Fine Living Network Filming


4 responses to “1.31.10 Our “15 Minutes”

  1. Stephanie Chenard

    As usual, the meal was fantastic and it was certainly a wonderfully entertaining evening. Thanks for all your efforts!!!

  2. Had a fantastic time as usual. Spent the night dreaming about the parsnip and meyer lemon soup!

  3. BTW, I LOVED the Alegre Sisters!

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