1.31.10 Secret Supper Filming

Photo by Britt Piehl

January 31, we’re throwing a secret supper in San Francisco. Here’s the menu by Chef Peter Jackson. Delish!

  • Soul Food Farm Egg Poached in Smoked Red Wine with Crispy Becker Lane Pork Belly, Happy Boy Farm Chicories, Grain Mustard Croutons
  • Parsnip and Meyer Lemon Soup with Pickled Ginger, Herb Salad

    Canvas Underground

    Canvas Underground - Meyer Lemon Soup - Photo by Britt Piehl

  • Vanilla Butter Poached Black Cod with Oregon Black Truffle Satsuma and Watercress Salad, Celery Root Puree
  • Banana Chocolate Napoleon with Bourbon Caramel Sauce, Crème Fraiche Marshmallow Cream

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the 31st, so here’s my reply to the FAQs:

1. What the heck is the name of the show? ANSWER: Unknown.  The crew just returned from filming another group in Miami this week — wonder what they were eating (cooter or alligator?).
2. I can’t wear stripes? Damn, that’s all I’ve got! ANSWER: You can wear stripes and patterns, just not teeny tiny polka dots, gingham, pinstripes — you get the idea. Wide stripes (like a rugby shirt) are okay. Again, stay away from solid white and red. In fact, I might even wear a red and white patterned outfit.
3. How’s the parking? ANSWER: Very limited; if you live in the city, you might want to take public transit (#54). There should also be parking on Bacon Street. See the Google Map here.

Photo by Britt Piehl

4. Who are the other guests? Will I know anyone? ANSWER: Other good-natured bon vivants like you. Maybe you’ve met them at a previous dinner. Some of you won’t know anyone else, but everyone will leave at least with a few new friends. That’s why we throw these dinners!
5. Should I be on my best behavior? How should I act? ANSWER: Be yourself. That’s why we wanted you here and since I personally have the advantage of knowing each and every one of you, I know you’re all cool and easy-going! That said, please don’t think it’d be the perfect time to throw a chair or punch just for the sake of reality TV. :::wink::::
6. What if I forget the release? ANSWER: It’s okay, I’ll have a few extra copies just in case, but would appreciate you bringing it! (Attached again just in case we ended up in your spam folder the first time we sent it.)
7. Are we eating monkey brains? ANSWER: No, we wouldn’t subject you to that. Ever.
8. Should I show up before 6pm? ANSWER: Please be punctual, but don’t show up at 5pm.
9. Do we tip at these dinners? ANSWER: A tip is greatly appreciated for our volunteers, but not required.
10. When is this airing? Typically the editing process will take a few months. This might not air until late summer or early fall. And when it does, we’ll have a viewing party!


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